The Christmas donation from Annunciation parish, Toronto, to Children’s House from Odorheiu Secuiesc, România

Christmas 2009

Half of the Annunciation parish Christmas donations was sent to Childern’s House in Odorheiu Secuies from Romania. Oance again sister Emilia thankfully wrote:

Dear Madam Amalia,

Great is our joy to know that you want to think about us and help us!
We carry in our humble prayers and waiting for you with love in our midst!
Send greetings and prayers to Father Emil and all the faithful of the Annunciation Parish!

We still have 120 children, ages 3 years and 18 years, we have 30 girls students in different cities of the country that my telephone call and I always say: “Sister, I have made new if it was not this house, I could not finish or eighth grade, and now we’re students! ”
Thank God sends us people always bless and bless and money we can go forward, even if sometimes it is very hard!
And YOU. counts among bless you! Thank you very much!

I send you some photos with alumni who graduated this year, the first day of school and children prepared to go to school and show that I made on November 29 where he was present Bishop VASILE Bizau at the entry in our congregation sisters and dedication of a priest!

Thank you wear your heart and in my prayers, love and appreciation, sr. Emilia.