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His Holiness The Pope Francis is the visible Head of the Catholic Church, that includes both The Latin Rite Church and The Eastern Rite Churches. As successor of Saint Peter and Bishop of Rome his Holiness is the Head of The Romanian Catholic Church of The Byzantine Rite. The Romanian Catholic Church of The Byzantine Rite is a “sui iuris” Eastern Church.
For more information: www.vatican.va

Cardinal Lucian Muresan, is the current Major Archbishop of the Greek Catholic Archdiocese of Alba-Iulia and Făgăraş and a cardinal of the Catholic Church. He is the head of the Romanian Church United with Rome, Greek-Catholic.

Most Reverend John Michael Botean, is the Bishop of the Romanian Catholic Eparchy of Saint George’s in Canton for the Romanian Catholic Faithful of the Byzantine Rite in The United States of America. The Eparchy includes all Romanian Catholic Parishes and Missions of the Byzantine Rite. For a complete list please go to: www.romaniancatholic.org The Annunciation Byzantine Romanian Catholic Mission is under the jurisdiction of the Eparchy of Canton according to the decree of the Congregation for Oriental Churches from the 20th of July 2010.
For more information: www.bru.ro, www.greco-catolic.ro, www.catholica.ro