Christmas gifts from parishers to orphan children and poor families

Christmas 2004

Thank you all Annunciation parishioners from your help as donations for Christmas. Like last year, with your generosity, we were able to send a Christmas gift for the orphans and poor families. You can read below the message of Sister Juliana who took care of donations distribution.

The Parish Council

Dear Father Emil,
we received your money donation without delay and before Christmas we bought the necessary things for our children and for a few families. We are very grateful and we pray for you to have much happiness in the New Year.

For the Childrens’ Home we bought clothes and toys. The rest of the money was spent to help poor families. We send you a picture of a family with seven children from which the yonger one (see photo) is paralysed after an injection. Only their father is employee and they were much in need for money especially to buy drugs for their little one.

The other children we helped are in the care of their mother only. We bought for them food and sweets, clothes and toys.
Thank you for your generous help,

Sister Iuliana Sarosi,
Children’s Home, Cluj-Napoca, Romania