The Christmas donation from Annunciation parish, Toronto, to Children’s Houses from Odorhei and Cluj, România

Christmas 2008

Sister Emilia Trif from Odorhei sent us the wonderful pictures below together with a thankfull letter:

“Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Many thanks for what you do for us!
Lord bless your work. and we expect you to come to Romania to enjoy together!

St. Joseph House of Odorheiu Secuiesc is the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart House, of the Romanian Byzantine Catholic Church! Here are hosting 125 children, between 3 and 18 years old who come from very poor families, or very many! Some of them are orphans or semiorfani!

Each child has a history here of sad, but true, but the heavenly mother’s house, each has its quiet and peace!

We have 20 girls who have finished high school and now they are all students! If not for this house they may have not had the opportunity to further study beyound grade 6 or 7!
Thank you Lord for all the help He gives to us and help this house!
I send you some pictures of the children in their first day of school!
Thank you and we carry you in our prayers! May our Christmas Carol to reach to your soul!

With appreciation, sister Emilia.

Dear Madam Amalia,

Many thanks for the gift sent! We got the money, they were a great help! Please thank all those who contributed to this gift from the bottom of our hearts!
We are far from you, but we are very close to heart and we want to sing a carol for you from soul to soul!
I send you some photos from the concert of carols, I was in town with our children! Of the 130 children we have, 70 were in the choir and went up on stage!
It was an evening of soul!
We keep in our prayers and we expect new!


With love, sr. Emilia.