Annunciation Parish donation for orphanages in Odorheiu Secuiesc county, România

Christmas 2010

Part of the Christmas donations made by parishioners of Annunciation House Toronto were sent to the St. Joseph orphanage from Odorheiu Secuiesc. We received the following messages of thanks from Sister Emilia Trif:

Dear Father and Dear faithful,

Great joy was immense when we talked on the phone with Father Emil told me that your community has raised the $ 4000 for Saint Joseph Orphanage of Odorheiu Secuiesc. We’re here 12 sisters and 135 children, almost all over the country, between 3 and 18 years old. We have 30 girls and students from various faculties. It is not easy to go forward, but the help is nice and feel God in everything. Every month we put gas bills and others on the altar of the chapel and pray the rosary every night with the children that Jesus and Heavenly Mother, help us! You and your present in our prayers! This month we managed to pay the utilities thanks to you. THANK YOU from my heart! May God give you a thousand times more and more grace.

You’re all the love in Romania, Székelyudvarhely pray and be together!

With all my love and appreciation will embrace the Heart of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary Sr. Emilia and children from the house of St. Joseph

Dear Madam Amalia, Dear Father and Dear faithful,
Praised be Jesus!

Thousands thanks for you that you always think of us and we have not forgotten!
We always carry in our prayers every night and when not to pray the Rosary in the Holy Sacrament will remember and YOU!
We now have 135 children and 30 women students!
With the Good Lord and Lady go ahead!
Will send some photos of the children who have finished high school this year, with children who started school this year and the girls who worked to make “zacusca” from two tons of vegetables.

You’re welcome in our midst to pray and rejoice together.
We carol you with our soul and will carry in our hearts!

With much love and appreciation, sr. Emilia and children.