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The Annunciation Byzantine Romanian Catholic Mission celebrates The Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 12:30 PM at the Roman Catholic Church Our Lady Of Perpetual Help, 78 Clifton Road, Toronto. Confessions start before each Divine Liturgy at 12:00 noon.

For the moment the weekday Holidays will be celebrated on the closest Sunday.

For your reference see the Calendar (in PDF format) or the Calendar page.

For Baptisms, Weddings and the others spiritual assistance contact the Parish Priest, Father Ionel Maier.

For children Baptisms and Weddings it is necessary that the parents or future spouses (or at least one of them) be members of the Mission.

Parastas (Service for departed faithful) could be celebrated at the end of the Divine Liturgy every Sunday but Easter Day, Christmas Day, Epiphany Day and Pentecost Day.

or Blessing of the Houses can be done by request. For an appointment please contact the Parish Priest, Father Ionel Maier.

Phone: 416-443-8796

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