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The Martyridom of our Bishops – Presentation

Prayer for the beatification of Greek Catholic martyr bishops

Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest of our souls, You sent your apostles and disciples the world for all men carry the good news of Your love. On the threshold of Thy supreme sacrifice for the redemption of the world in the last supper, begged the Heavenly Father to Your Church to be one.

Look with favor to the Romanian people, within which you chose Your servants Valeriu Traian FRENŢIU, Iuliu HOSSU, Alexandru RUSU, Ioan BĂLAN, Ioan SUCIU, Vasile AFTENIE and Tit Liviu CHINEZU – Bishops of martyrs killed by fame under the communist regime. They bore witness to Thee with apostolic zeal in this land and paid his faith in Thee, in the Catholic Church and the successor of S. Peter, the Holy Father, the price of their lives.

Let his example of faith and love shine between us. We pray, therefore, which also show on earth the dignity of these servers Yours, getting his elevation to the altars, and through her intercession grant us the graces we need to all be one flock and one shepherd.

To you be all glory, honor and worship, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our Father …

Hail Mary …

Glory to the Father …