The Parish Council

The Parish Council 2018-12-19T22:03:20-05:00

The Parish Council is comprised of the Stweardship Council and the Pastoral Council. The council members are elected from the parish members, every four years. The Parish Priest can also appoint two members for a four years mandate. If you want to write an e-mail to the parish council you can do it from the contact page.

The Parish Council

Fr. Ionel Maier, administratorFr. Emil Jude, in residence

The Pastoral Council

1. Mrs. Monica Crişan – president
2. Mrs. Liliana Jude3. Ms. Ionela Florescu
4. Mr. Mugur Draganescu5. Mrs. Aurelia Moldovan – senior group representativeu
6. Ms. Lucia Gheorghe – coral group representative7. Mr. Vinicius Zetea – stewardship committee representative
8. Mrs. Ioana Maier9. Mrs. Raluca Sechei
9. Mrs. Laura Cîmpean

The Stewardship Council

1. Mr. Vinicius Zetea – president
2. Ms. Magda Moisin4. Mrs. Andreea Chintea
3. Mrs. Tiberiu Puscas5. Vacant